Vocal Coach

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Welcome to my home studio.

Since 2003 I have been vocal coaching part-time at various performance schools in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. It was always a dream of mine to someday have a studio in my home, and so now, thanks to the support of family and some hard work, "Studio B" (as I have affectionately nick-named it,) is open and receiving new students.

The studio space is warm and intimate. I wanted to create a space for students of all ages, particularly adults, to feel welcome and comfortable. For me, the space brings out creativity and sets nerves at ease.

As a teacher, I focus on helping students to develop their authentic voice. I do this through vocal strengthening, proper breathing technique, and a commitment to helping students find their inner artist in order to interpret songs in an authentic way.

My goal is to guide you through your journey. It's not about how many songs you learn or how high you can sing. It's about the difference you find in your voice, confidence and joy.

Keep Singing!